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High Performance

Chip tuning is the original definition of what modern day ECU Remapping has become. Chip tuning requires the removal of the Eprom from the ECU and the software is programmed to the chip on the bench. The software inside the chip is what is referred to as remapping, i.e. altering the standard software within a chip.  Chip tuning has become less and less prevalent in the market place as OBD remapping has taken place enabling remapping to be done via the OBD port. They are essentially exactly the same thing, only OBD port remapping is less intrusive and requires no removal or opening of the ECU. As electronics have advanced further, the latest generation of ECU’s have what is referred to as a locked TriCore processor. This in basic terms has removed the ability to flash software via the OBD port and the only method available is to open the ECU and remap via direct connection. It is much less invasive than chip tuning as you do not remove the Eprom, We Remap via obd port ,bench and tricore.

Better Fuel Economy

Add more power to your Car and increase your MPG

Best of both power and economy

Add more Power to your Car

These are for standard cars or cars with just one or small factor modifications. Power gains are usually around 15% percent on NASP engines and 30% on turbocharged engines. Diesel remaps nearly always produce more economy and more power after a remap.

Race proven performance

  • ECU Remapping has been used in all motorsport for years
  • Proven power gains across the rev range
  • Better fuel economy
  • Massive gains in BHP
  • Used in F1, world rally cars ,touring cars superbike & moto gp


A Need For Speed Power & Economy

Performance engineering for Cars and Motorbikes and Trucks





Diesel Tuning

Diesels engines for a longtime have been seen as power plants tractors and trucks . However, with the advances in ‘diesel engine technology’ this has changed and many diesel cars now outperform their petrol equivalents.  ECU Remapping has found the right balance for diesel engines, whether turbo or non-turbo. We have different custom maps to suit all types of drivers. When RCR Tuning  remaps a diesel turbo engine, the approximate gains are from 25-40% extra bhp and upto 65% extra torque, dependent on vehicle specification! Diesel engines have the most remarkable power & torque gains. The entire rev range gets increased power & even under load conditions, these engines will show amazing ‘torque force’. Virtually any diesel car will have it’s performance & driveability, totally transformed!

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Stage 2  Tuning

Pushing the performance envelope further with less regard and concern for daily running costs. You will need a few modifications to support a stage 2 map. Exhaust and intake are commonly upgraded but turbos should also be switched to better units. Components like turbos and gearboxes will often start to fail earlier but this depends much on your driving style. Short bursts of performance will do no harm. Constantly driving on the redline will dramatically accelerate engine wear. Power gains are only a little more than stage one, perhaps 20% on Naturally Aspirted  engines and 40% on turbocharged engines. The real gain is that power comes on much lower down in the rev range and you have a longer power band to play with. (again this depends on the car setup and big turbos can create more lag but in the main stage 2 mods give much more mid range overtaking power.) Keeping the car drivable in traffic and maintaining reliability are still considerations as is keeping the car legally within emissions and local construction and vehicle usage regulations. Aims of stage 2 remaps Fully release the power of all the car mods done so far, maximizing performance but with high regard for reliability. Service intervals will be shorter and consumable items likes clutches, brake pads and tires will need replacing more frequently. The overall life of an engine and gearbox may also be reduced a little but is not a major factor to consider.

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Petrol Tuning

Add More power with our Petrol ECU Tuning: The best ECU Remapping for turbocharged & non-turbo engines…

Turbo charged petrol cars have long been king when it comes to performance and the improved power and bhp gains that our Engine Remapping can achieve with a turbo chip tuning solution is immense. That’s why we are one of the fastest growing engine Remapping providers in the UK. Improved Power, Better MPG, changes in fuelling & ignition timing are some of the breath taking changes you will notice.

Our science is simple most modern turbo charged cars, the turbo is controlled by the ECU. Modern motorsport developments allow us access to all engine performance chips, letting us add torque, increase bhp, Our ECU chipping can remap the ECU to maximise the boost efficiency throughout the whole rev range to enhance the power delivery.We only use Custom Dyno tested maps.


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Give your Car more Power and Better Fuel Economy


Stage 1 Remap From £150.00


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Is a remap safe on my car van or truck

Ecu remap is perfectly safe as long as it is a Custom remap using your original ecu file that has been downloaded from your cars ecu. And not a generic map bought of sites like ebay which has been taken from someone else ecu data and could not have been mapped correctly.We only use Custom files created from your cars data.

Will my car be checked before the remap is installed

All cars vans and trucks will have a free diagnostics check carried out if everything is ok and no fault codes are showing will will go ahead with the remap.We will provide detailed information of any DTC Fault codes to help you fault find the issue with your car.once faults have been repaired feel free to come back to use and we will carry out your ecu remap.We advise that you do not have a remap if you have fault codes on your car.

Is ecu remapping safe for my car

Ecu remapping is perfectly safe when carryed out by trusted professionals equipment and a top quality battery support unit.

About Us

Rcr Keytech is a Mobile service offering ecu remapping and Mileage correction and car Key programming across the West Midlands and central England.

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Quality Guaranties

1.       we always take the uttermost care of you car van or bike treating your car with the respect its due.

2. Here at RCR Remaps we focus on  quality equipment quality service and qualty files.

3. At rcr keytech and rcr remaps we provide a service that is customer focused and driven to expanding your cars true performance.

4.     We will never cut corners on quality of parts or quality of service using only the best equipment and offering only the best service.


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