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Ecu Remapping, also known as chip tuning, chipping or ECU Tuning, is becoming an increasingly popular method of electronic engine tuning. It allows to increase the car’s power, engine performance and has a positive effect on driving comfort. In today’s article, we explain what exactly ECU Tuning involves, what its benefits are, which cars can be chipped, whether it is a safe operation, and where it is best to carry it out.

What is ECU Remapping?

ECU Remapping is a simple, safe and extremely effective method of electronic engine tuning. It allows increasing the power and torque of the engine, as well as increase driving comfort and the engine’s efficiency. This all sounds promising. But let’s start from the beginning to understand what chip tuning is all about.

The purpose of engine tuning is to increase its power. Many vehicle owners dream about improving the capabilities of their machine and to this end explore the possible solutions. There are basically two options:

  • mechanical tuning;

  • electronic tuning.

Mechanical tuning involves considerable costs and quite a high risk. It requires mechanical interference in the car and the replacement of the engine and/or components. An alternative is electronic tuning, otherwise known as ECU Remapping.

What does chip tuning involve?

The ECU (Engine Control Unit) is the “brain” of every car. It controls the operation of the internal combustion engine, including the fuel dose, injection angle, turbocharging pressure, and fuel injection pressure. The controllers found in the ECU determine the power of the car.

Remapping the engine involves modifying ECU parameters, which gives the possibility to take advantage of the vehicle’s capabilities.

But wait a moment… Unused vehicle capabilities? Yes, exactly! Car manufacturers do not use the full potential of the engine but limit it with appropriate controllers.

Why is that? Well, first of all, the engines of various car models do not differ much (or not at all) in terms of construction. When launching a new model, manufacturers maintain the same threshold of technical possibilities, which are not fully used until subsequent series are released.

ECU tuning specialists, using the appropriate software, maximize the capabilities of your car, which have been limited by the manufacturer’s controllers.

1.Using Genuine Equipment not cheap chinese cloned equipment like cloned Kess & Ktag

2.Make sure they only use Genuine Custom written files written from your orignal file

3.Make sure the remapping company uses a Genuine Battery Support Unit not a jump starter or standard battery charger

or worse no support at all. Some Car models need at least 13.5 volts constant current during writing this can only be done with a 100 amp or above battery support unit which keeps the current at the set voltage

         This keeps a stabile constant current to the battery as writing files to the ECU draws current from the battery

         and if the fan kicks in the battery can drop below 12 volts and can stop the read or writing process which can brick your ecu

        meaning you will not be able to start you car and communication to the ecu will not be possible and will need recovery of the ecu           or a new ecu and programming VERY COSTLY

How to safely remap your engine

Make sure the remapping company is using genuine equipment,custom files& battery support unit.

When considering electronic engine tuning, you may be worried about safety issues. The truth is that ECU remapping is a much safer solution than mechanical tuning. However, you must remember some important aspects.

To ensure that engine remapping is completely safe, it is best to use the products and services of the best specialists in this field. RCR Remaps is known for its extensive experience and reliability. Visit their home page to find a lot of valuable information about chip tuning.

Relying on specialists is important because ECU tuning must be adapted to the model of the engine and car. Such an individual approach allows to achieve impressive results, but also involves risk. Inadequate adjustment of the software and controllers may result in overloading the engine’s capabilities.

ECU tuning is therefore based on the best possible adjustment of parameters to the potential of the car, so as to increase the engine’s power without adversely affecting its operation.

Can any car be remapped?

Most cars can be chipped. This method works best for diesel engines and turbocharged cars. Unfortunately, chip tuning cannot be performed on vehicles without a computer.

In case of any doubts, it is best to seek advice from a company specializing in engine remapping.

The benefits of engine remapping

Engine remapping is not just about increasing the car’s power. Chip tuning allows to change many parameters of the engine and its components, and thus:

  • increase the engine’s power;

  • increase the engine’s torque;

  • reduce fuel consumption;

  • improve driving comfort;

  • increase the dynamics and maneuverability of the car.

ECU remapping also has many benefits compared to mechanical engine tuning. By relying on specialists who have experience in this field, you do not have to worry about excessive engine exploitation and its deterioration. Remapping is associated with significantly lower risk as well as lower costs.